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Comics is a genre that still has a bright future ahead of it. And if there is one kind of comic that has enjoyed worldwide success, for a long time now, it is Manga, this comic straight from Japan.

Omnipresent in Japan, manga quickly made the trip to English bookstores. An avid fan of content from the Land of the Rising Sun or a simple reader looking for your next literary discovery: reading manga is bound to be a success, as long as you know how to go about it. Because yes, there are many rules in this genre, which will seem natural to those accustomed to Japanese culture, but which, otherwise, might surprise you. Among these, there is one that makes a lot of talks: a manga, it would be read “backwards”!

Understand The Meaning Of Reading A Manga

Certainly, this is the impression that the way followers read a manga might give. To understand why a manga reads from the back cover to the front cover, it is enough to learn a minimum about the origin of this comic format. If you want to read manga comics in English on your smartphone, then you can log onto website or download Mangago app on your iOS or Android phone. Japanese is a language that is written vertically and from top to bottom, but, above all, it is read from right to left. Everything is explained! You may have already come across, in the manga aisles of your favorite bookseller, manga published in the western direction of reading (from left to right): they are an exception. Not only is publication in the original reading sense more respectful of the mangaka’s work, but it is also less costly for publishers.

Choose A Manga Title To Read

Now that you have overcome one of the main points of reluctance in reading manga, you are finally going to be able to choose a manga to read. To help you with your choice, first, know that there are several genres of manga. While young girls will enjoy “shojo” Manga, young boys will love “shonen“. But Manga is not just for children and adolescents: for adults, the Manga “seinen” and “josei” will be quite appropriate. Not just these, but there are several other YaoiMangago comics that one can read and enjoy. In addition, nostalgia is also very present in the world of manga, since many of the favorite cartoons of adults today were first manga in Japan in the years 1980 or 1990. One thinks in particular of Dragon Ball Z, Akira or Sakura, Hunter of Cards. So, you could quite start there to immerse yourself in the world of Japanese comics.

You can also draw manga characters if you feel you have good drawing skills. To know how to draw a Manga, you need to read what follows next.

How To Draw Manga?

The graphic style of the manga differs from European comics or American comics. It has its codes, like the use of black and white. It is also much more rhythmic and dynamic than European comics. Variety of framing and perspective effects are omnipresent. In the manga, the action is cut in time in an almost cinematographic way. The characters borrow western features, as evidenced by the essential code of manga characters with big eyes, which increases the expressiveness of the eyes. In the Manga, the sets are much less important than in European comics. This is why to master the Manga style; it is a priority to learn to draw the characters.

The General Structure Of A Manga Character

Let’s start by structuring the body. Draw a vertical rectangle with a circle above it. You have the trunk and the head. Draw a straight vertical line through the middle of the head and trunk. Locate along this centerline, the center point of the trunk. Make a “V” from it, each end of which joins the upper corners of the rectangle. Do the same in the lower part of the rectangle, but this time with an inverted “U”. You get the bust and hip structure. For members: start a line from each upper corner of the rectangle. Stop at the elbow, which you will mark with a circle. Outline the forearms with a new line of similar length. End with a circle at the ends, which will become the hands of your Manga character. Ditto for the legs. Here is the structure of the character, which we will now customize.

Customization Of Boy and Girl Manga Characters

Add a chin to the head circle. The structure of a boy’s face is classic. For a girl, it’s different: the eyes take up half of the facial space. To draw the eyes: a curved line at the top, a curved line at the bottom. Between the two, the iris and the pupil. The eye is not delimited on the right and the left. Eyebrows are very little marked. Let’s go to the nose. A slightly curved line for a boy. A vertical dash for a girl. For the mouth: make it thin for boys, plump for girls. Finally, the hair: the secret is to define the outer contour and the roots, before drawing them. For the body, dress your robot character in the clothes you want, following the movements you have given to the skeleton. Now you know how to draw Manga. With practice, your style will refine.

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