Frequently Asked Questions

With so many websites and comics to check out, questions can arise in the minds of readers. So, let’s answer some of the most common questions related to MangaStream

Question – Why am I not being able to access Manga Stream?

Answer–Manga undergoes a very strict evaluation because its owners don’t want any negative publicity of the platform. Due to stringent actions and security measures, the website was taken off from the web. However, a clone website is still active, but nothing can be said about its authenticity.

Question – Why one piece Manga is the most popular Manga?

Answer – The enticing content of one piece of Manga makes it such a sought after comic among the readers. The requirement of the one-piece manga is immense all across the globe.

Question – Which Manga comics are in demand?

Answer– MangaStream has a myriad of comics that suit the interest of readers with different choices and requirements. As far as the most popular Mangas are concerned, then those would include One-piece Mangas, Mangago, Dr. Stone, Samurai 8, Black Cover – We can’t Study, and more.

Question – Is MangaStream illegal?

Answer – The website is banned in many countries because the scanlation of any content is not legal and therefore, many countries have banned the website. The content has been translated and edited in many foreign languages, which is unlawful, hence the ban on the website.

Question – Where can I read Mangas?

Answer – Due to scanlations, it is not possible to read any mangas before the prescribed release date. You will have to follow the legal steps, i.e., going to manga plus or viz and becoming a member to read manga comics.